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Entry #1

Me and my brothers animations!

2007-10-27 03:57:16 by bigboomnightmare

Check out my flash animation's

Look at mine!

Check out my brothers flash animation's

And look at my brothers!

Also, leave a comment on mine or his user page

At today, digitalk wrote:
Yes, BBN has permission to use my "die spammers" picture.


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2007-10-27 04:15:49

You're both pretty decent at animation. Him being better than you of course but I can see you're still learning. Why not make an animation together? It would be twice as good :D


2007-10-27 06:32:09

the animation was okay, but too short, on the moving wasn't very smooth.


2008-05-01 10:33:43

Read your comment on That one Pico flash with him jackin off. So just because someone jacks off means their gay? wtf are you like 7?